3 Essence Restorative Qigong is a gentle Qigong form I learned during my studies at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital’s Medical Qigong Department in 1996. I personally benefit from this practice and enjoy sharing it . Wanda Warren L.Ac, Dipl.Ac., MHS, PT

You Can Have Health, Wellness, Powerful Focus and Energy

This easy basic form can give you energy, relaxation and mental stability.

I will teach anyone who is interested in a slow mindful organic gentle Qigong based on Traditional Oriental Medicine. This form is restorative stillness between movement. You will learn techniques to align your breath, movement, and thoughts while enhancing your health.

I also offer specialized Qigong exercises for you present goals, be them decrease stress, increase focus, decrease anxiety or increase energy. Qigong exercise is good for all concerns of the energetic body including fertility improvement.

  • Physical Location: Zoom or Skype
  • Zoom invites will be sent after Health & Wellness Consults
  • Email your interest to Wanda@wtwellnessak.com or text 907-202-9804