3 Essence Restorative Qigong is a gentle Qigong form I learned during my studies at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital’s Medical Qigong Department in 1996. I personally benefit from this practice and enjoy sharing it . Wanda Warren L.Ac, Dipl.Ac., MHS, PT

We Can Have Still Powerful Focus and Energy

This easy basic form can give you energy, relaxation and mental stability.

I invite anyone who is interested in a slow mindful organic gentle class based on Traditional Oriental Medicine. This form is restorative stillness between movement. Classes run 60 – 75 mins aligning your breath, movements, and thoughts while enhancing your health.

  • Physical Location: to be announced in June 2020
  • Zoom invites will be sent to anyone interested in Zoom classes
  • Email your interest and availability to Wanda@wtwellnessak.com