Saturday Classes

  • 10/5/19 First Class this Series
  • 10/12/19
  • 10/19/19
  • 10/26/19
  • Travel Break
  • 11/23/19
  • 11/30/19
  • 12/7/19
  • 12/14/19

Please try to attend early in this series if you are new to Qigong. I will be covering most of the Qigong Medical information during the first 4 weeks as we learn the form, then we re-gather 11/23/19. Historically a dedicated group breaks off to advance practice and then I will open a new First Class in 2020.

3 Essence Restorative Qigong is a gentle Qigong. I have invited many people who need a slow gentle growth of strength, so if you are looking for a fast paced, harder TaiQi form this is not the class I would suggest. If you are interested in dedicating to yourself 75 mins of focused time to align your breath, movements, and thoughts to enhance your health, then your in the right place.

  • Location: Center on C, 6000 C Street, Off Mackay St – see a google map
  • $15/class
  • Questions 907-202-9804 Text or Call