3 Essence Restorative Qigong is a gentle Qigong form I learned during my studies at the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital’s Medical Qigong Department in 1996. I have been personally practicing and teaching ever since. Wanda Warren L.Ac, Dipl.Ac., MHS, PT

NEW STUDIO SPACE is complete, but we are on “hunker down” Alaska orders.

Classes moving to ZOOM Gatherings

Class times to be set soon – please email your interest.

This easy basic form can give you energy, relaxation and mental stability.

I invite anyone who is interested in a slow mindful organic gentle class based on Traditional Oriental Medicine. This form is restorative stillness between movement. Classes run 60 – 75 mins aligning your breath, movements, and thoughts while enhancing your health.

  • Location: W. T. Wellness – Studio A ON LINE
  • Zoom invites will be sent to anyone interested
  • $0/class until further notice.
  • Donations welcomed.
  • Our office is closed to ethically and responsibly decrease the curve.
  • Email your interest and availability to Wanda@wtwellnessak.com