Acupuncture Sessions

Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy and Medical Qigong are the knowledge bases for our Acupuncture Services. The Acupuncturists in our center have advanced education and training in Medical Qigong, Meridian Therapy, Mental and Emotional Healthcare, Preventative Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Supplements and Homeopathy.

Tiny sterile, single use, needles are inserted gently into various points on the body to facilitate the flow of energy along energetic pathways called meridians in Chinese Medicine. Pain and illness are often the result of restrictions in various tissues leading to blocks of energy (aka natural healthy circulation of biochemical and structural movements).  Acupuncture is used to clear these restrictions, eliminating discomfort and improving health, based on the paradigm of  Eastern Medicines.

Our Sessions are given on Professional Biomats with warm Far Infrared Heat. You can choose the warmth level. Part of your session will be resting in a comfortable low light room to establish your connection with your *parasympathetic repair ability as the treatment session continues.

Our Nervous Systems: *Parasympathetic & Sympathetic 

Your Sympathetic system is active during stress and overwhelm. Known as our fight or flight system in Western Medicine. This system stops digestion, decreases breathing and eliminates creativity to allow only the present focus on the perceived or imagined threat.  We all know this experience as we multitask in our minds & life to get everything done.  If the sympathetic system is heightened for long periods of time our body suffers.

*Parasympathetic is the healing companion to our Sympathetic Nervous System. It is the REST and RECOVERY nervous system that improves our ability to digest, repair tissues, breath and have clarity of thought.  We can improve the strength of this system and ability to consciously engage it.

Our main goal is to help your body return often to it’s innate ability to heal.